2.4 Source Code

You can have all your files in a /source folder or have one Python, MATLAB, C++, etc. file.

In the case where the source code is in one file, it makes less sense to put the file in a /source directory. However, when the source code is spread across multiple files and directories, using a /source directory will make life easier and more organized.

Example. Composite Strength Module

Let’s take a look at the structure of the Composite Strength module. In this example, we only have one Python file that contains all of our source code, predict_strength.py.

├── Dockerfile
├── PythonScriptWrapper
├── PythonScriptWrapper.py
├── TwoPhasePrediction.xml
├── predict_strength.py   # <----- Source file
├── public
│   ├── help.html
│   ├── marat_workflow.png
│   ├── thumbnail.png
│   ├── webapp.css
│   └── webapp.js
├── runtime-module.cfg
└── setup.py